ABiSee is the leading worldwide developer and provider of easy to use electronic readers for the blind and visually challenged.

Smart Readers and Magnifiers for the Visually Impaired

The portability and lightning-fast scanning of Eye-Pal and Zoom-Ex are now combined with the productivity tools of K1000. Learn more...


New! Eye-Pal Ace Plus

New Eye-Pal Ace Plus features All Eye-Pal Ace functions PLUS the ability to communicate via email and download books. With this unique devise, at the comfort of your home, via Wi-Fi connection, you may easily scan and send any documents or attach a voice mail to your email and send it with our one-click button function to your friends and relatives. You may browse the Bookshare online library and download book available with your subscription.

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Eye-Pal Ace

Eye-Pal Ace unites exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it the only truly accurate fast electronic reader and magnifier that assists you with reading a book on the couch or playing a round of rummy at a neighbor's house.

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Eye-Pal VisionEye-Pal Vision

Smart magnifier that also reads aloud. Auto-focus, zoomable camera magnifies a pill bottle, recipe and other fine-print materials. When your eyes get tired, have Eye-Pal Vision read to you. Automatically determining an object’s size, Eye-Pal Vision adjusts itself to provide true-to-life image and the most accurate OCR. Stay independent and feel confident filling out forms, checks or viewing photos.

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The very first, original camera-based scanner, reader and magnifier was the blueprint for other manufacturers to replicate. The 1-pound device is still the fastest and most accurate in the market. Create your own books by scan-ning up to 20 pages per minute. Read what you want, when you want. PC and MAC compatible, Zoom-Ex is an excellent tool at work and at home.

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Zoom-Twix Zoom-Twix

The only device on the market that combines an OCR scan-ning camera with a second zoom-able long distance CCTV camera. Use the CCTV camera to capture what is on a blackboard, whiteboard, on your desk or in the room, all with a key stroke. It is a unique blend of two devices in one: a CCTV and a Reader.

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Eye-Pal SOLO Eye-Pal SOLO


For Blind and Low Vision Users


The first, original camera-based reading and magnifying de-vice. Accurate, fast and easy to use, SOLO has provided near instant access to print to thousands of seniors. This stand-alone device requires no special training and ready to be used right out of the box. Connect it to an external monitor or home TV to view pic-tures, magnified text or to write a check. Weighing in about 6.5 lb. it can travel with you anywhere.

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Eye-Pal Vision New!Eye-Pal ROL

Eye-Pal ROL unites exceptional OCR, light-weight ergonomic design, portability and ease-of-use, making it the only truly accurate fast electronic reader that assists you with reading a book on the couch or going to an appointment.

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Eye-Pal Vision Eye-Pal Reader

Simple and easy to use, smart reader converts printed text into speech. Utilizing auto-focus, zoom-able camera it provides reliable and consistent reading of the most challenging prints, such as a pill bottle, recipe and other fine print materials. Detecting automatically an object’s size, Eye-Pal READER adjusts itself to provide the most accurate OCR. No more problems reading large text books. It is truly a high-tech companion to independent living.

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Faster than a flatbed scanner and weighing in at just 1 lb., Eye-Pal is a portable USB scanner/reader that instantly converts printed material into speech, text files or Braille. PC and MAC compatible, Eye-Pal scans up to 20 pages per minute, so you can read what you want, when you want.

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