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Smart Readers and Magnifiers
for the Visually Impaired

Freedom Scientific, the global leader in assistive technology for those who are low vision or blind

Instant Reader

To make Zoom-Ex read a printed page is easy: place your printed material under the Zoom-Ex camera and press a key on your keyboard. Within a few seconds, your document is read aloud. Orientation of the page does not matter. You can place the document upside down, landscape, etc.

  • Alter Reading speed to your preference
  • Read the entire page or quickly browse the document by jumping to the next sentence or paragraph, or read it word by word and spell the word if necessary
  • Read newspapers with ease: Zoom-Ex recognizes and reads multiple columns one after another or read across the columns by pressing a key
  • With the press of a single key Zoom-Ex will describe a page layout as a sighted person sees it.
  • Has the ability to read in 20 languages/voices


ABiSee Zoom-Ex: Converts text to speech for the visually-challenged

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Unique Product Features

The Zoom-Ex is a combination of an instant scanner/reader and the fastest OCR for any kind of visual disability. It allows you to convert -in just seconds-- any printed text into multiple accessible formats such as speech, large print, txt and MP3 files. Zoom-Ex is extremely easy to use. The foldable stand holds a digital scanning camera that is always at the exact distance needed to create a clear image. Users with low vision know exactly where to place the material to be read because they can touch and feel the L-shaped edges of the stand.

Listen to the Human-Like Synthetic Voices

Kate | Paul

  •  With the press of a single key, the Zoom-Ex will describe a page layout as a sighted person sees it
    With the press of a single key Zoom-Ex will describe a page layout as a sighted person sees it
  • No need for an X-Y table: printed text-to-speech and magnified wrapped text example
    No zoomZoomed x2
    Zoomed more
  • Color combination of text and the background
    Black on WhiteWhite on Black
    Yellow on BlackYellow on Blue
  • Large print books
    go from this size text...
    Large Print Books
    ...to this text size
  • Text can be displayed on the screen in multiple ways:
    Full ScreenHighlighted Line
    Row Mode with Auto ScrollWord by Word
  • View a magnified image as the words around the image are being read aloud
    Full page NOT MAGNIFIEDMagnified picture


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